Monday, August 26, 2013

Facebook kills 100 startups with new collaborative photo album feature

So, you started an app for collaborative photo albums. You tried to
tell us it was different because it was private, or centered around
events or locations, or automatically identified friends' faces.

Again and again, we warned y'all that Facebook, owner of all photos of
people on the Internet and the most popular mobile photo app, was
going to crush you eventually.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yet another Facebook page for poor parkers in Yorkshire town, England

BAD drivers in a Yorkshire town are being shamed online for their poor parking, in what is rapidly becoming an internet sensation. 

The Facebook group aimed at highlighting examples of selfish parking in Doncaster has proved a smash hit, with more than 4,500 people signing up to post pictures and comments.

Facebook post lands Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee -- No-Bail Jail in Kuala Lumpur

Lawyers for Liberty are shocked and appalled by the heavy handed criminal prosecution of Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court yesterday that was further compounded when they were denied bail by judge Murtazadi Amran.
Actor Kick Cameron claims Facebook has banned him from promoting his new movie on the social media site. He says Facebook blocked him from posting links to his new movie because others have labeled it “abusive, unsafe and “spammy.”

Not all online tracking is bad

Lately we’ve seen a lot of news stories about the National Security Agency’s program for tracking phone records, Internet searches and Facebook pages. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have decried and supported the practice, constitutionalists are debating over the legalities, and American citizens are either praising Edward Snowden’s courage or want him tried for treason.

by Don Bush

Employers: Facebook Party Pics Don’t Always Reflect Employees’ Bad Judgment

A picture may be worth a thousand words, and party pics posted on
Facebook speak volumes for employers sifting through job applicants,
right? Maybe not. While recent concerns about employers plumbing
social media for information about both current and potential
employees have led many users to adjust their privacy settings and
posting habits, a new study found that college students who posted
images of themselves enjoying a drink or two, or even using drugs were
just as responsible and hard-working as those who did not advertise
their partying.

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How to Use Facebook's Graph Search (and Why You Would Even Want To)

Graph Search isn't turned on automatically, so your first step is
activating the new feature in the search bar. Facebook will walk you
through it. Once Graph Search is on, Facebook prompts you to "search
for people, places, and things." Start typing. Graph Search is
supposed to recognize natural language and try to guess what you're
looking for, though that feature is hit or miss at the moment. You'll
quickly learn the phrases that will help you get to some sort of
result: "Friends who listen to Daft Punk and live in San Francisco" or
"Friends of my friends who work at TechHive." It's not exactly a
conversational way to search.

Facebook Engineer Fires Back At BuzzFeed: Users Don’t Care How Many People View Their Posts

"The Number Facebook Doesn't Want You To See", an article from
Thursday by BuzzFeed claimed Facebook is hiding the number of people
who see your posts so you don't feel bad that most people don't Like
or comment. This morning, a Facebook engineer wrote a retort claiming
that is "just plain wrong", and that Facebook's testing showed most
users are more interested in feedback than total views.

Facebook sale leads to arrest of Campbell River man

It's a bad idea to be holding stolen goods – even worse when you
attempt to fence them on Facebook.

That's what Richard Landry learned Monday when he received a 16-month
jail sentence for a variety of offences.

"You've been a busy boy, so to speak," said Judge Roderick Sutton.


The Worst Thing to Post on Facebook

Bad-mouthers beware: Dissing someone on Facebook could cost you a job,
finds a new study from North Carolina State University.

Addicted to Facebook? Try Shock Therapy [Video] | Las Vegas Guardian Express

Your Facebook privacy settings need checking

Blount County D.A. posts bad check writers on Facebook

Apparently, this is done without court supervision. The report is limited with information. NOTE: This may be counter to Facebook policy.

"We don't just throw your picture on Facebook without giving you, your bank gives a notice. Venfor gives you notice. You're getting notice from me twice. That's 4 contacts. You've done nothing to remedy the situation," said Casey. (sic)

Got a Facebook page for your business? Don't worry too much about Graph Search

Graph Search is a search tool for Facebook (Nasdaq: FB). The idea is that you can find restaurants and other businesses, music, movies games, photographs, pages, groups and other content based on what your friends like.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports

Hard to tell if this is real. But it sound plausible

"Imagine going to work every day and at the start of your day, with your first cup of coffee, you sit down to glance at beheadings, children in the process of being raped, human bodies in various stages of decomposition, the living and dead results of ..."
"... While Facebook can boast that they have nearly 1.5 billion users this year, the impressive feat is that they have 1.2 billion active users who log in nearly every day. Each one of those people have a different level of what offends them."

"Now, forgive me or not, but personally I can assure you of this. In the face of the actual reportable issues that come in at the rate of 250k per hour, I really don’t give a shit if coins offend you, or if you can’t keep..."

Does Facebook even see appeals or emails sent about my page or personal issue?

Again, bluntly, no. Facebook keeps and sometimes rotates out, one-single appeal email address that lands on someone’s list of things-to-do. The rest of them just reply with automated messages about how they might help, they might not. They won’t.