Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is Facebook killing your smartphone battery?

Every so often, crazy rumors about alleged Facebook's nefarious deeds
surface -- Facebook is selling your data, Facebook is taking away your
legal rights, Facebook use is bad for your spleen, etc.

The latest one to gain some traction is that the mobile Facebook app
is killing your smartphone battery.

This one might actually have some truth to it. (...)

That is a list of processes using the most CPU time. Or more easily said: that are the apps that have been running the longest time. The first four are system processes (SpringBoard is essentially the thing that shows your home screen and stuff), at the bottom there is the Facebook app. It is using twice as much time as DTMobileIS (that is the process that feeds Instruments with live data from the phone). That seemed a little much to me. I’m using Facebook quite often, but not like every minute of the day.

It’s Still Hard to Like Facebook Stock

Social media is hardly a fad, and there clearly is money to be made in
the space. LinkedIn (LNKD) stock is up almost 60% year-to-date and
review site Angie's List (ANGI) has doubled. Even one-time disasters
Groupon (GRPN) and Zynga (ZNGA) have gotten some swagger back in 2013.

Yet Facebook has been left out. Beyond the declines in the past
several weeks, FB stock has lost 25% in the past 12 months and 35%
since its May 2012 IPO.

What Facebook’s Ad Cut Means for Advertisers

Facebook has announced it is cutting its current 27 ads to about 13.

The remaining 13 ads will be overhauled and streamlined to make it
simpler for marketers to choose ads that fit their objective. Facebook
also decided to do away with a big ad menu and promised to offer
marketers a simple menu based on goals and objectives for which
Facebook promises to deliver suitable ad packages. This is good news
for smaller or medium-sized advertisers that may not have input from
an agency or previous results to build on and who may be more likely
to increase leads with results-based ads.

The most prominent ad product to be axed is Facebook's "Sponsored Stories."

911 dispatcher criticized for Facebook post

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - A Norfolk 911 dispatcher is in hot water for a comment she posted on Facebook.

Dispatcher Jessica Camarillo posted a comment on Facebook concerning the police-involved shooting of Joshua Omar Johnson, who was gunned down at a Wells Fargo after trying to pass a bad check and then reportedly hitting an officer with his car.

Camarillo’s Facebook post read as follows:
"I think the officers should sue [Johnson's] family for putting the officers lives in danger, making detectives work past the time they were suppose to get off, the gas it took for them to get to the scene, the bullets used, the hospital bills, the equipment needed for forensics, and making me work the channel instead of reading my hot sexy"

Facebook page shames bad parking

Bad parking in Cheltenham gets slammed on new Facebook page

Employees post bad behavior on Instagram, some bosses catching on

Unhappy employees have found a new site where they can post their way out of a job: Instagram.

Rachel Braun Scherl: Seriously Facebook, It Took the Ladies to Help You Man Up?

Bad behavior on reality TV is tested path to fame

PHOENIX - Arizona restaurateur Amy Bouzaglo became an instant Internet
celebrity last month after demonstrating an impressively short temper
on a reality TV show that helps reform struggling businesses.

The episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" drew more than a million viewers
on YouTube, and Bouzaglo's vitriolic rants became popular fodder on
Twitter and Facebook.

So it should surprise no one that her next step was to announce she
was shopping around her own reality TV show.


Social media not friendly or forgiving to business

A clash between a motorist and a cyclist that moved online results in
a loss of corporate sponsors.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Pocket-Picking Facebook Malware That No One Knows How to Stop

A particularly nasty breed of malware is raiding people's Facebook profiles and emptying their bank accounts. Its name is Zeus, and yes, it is all powerful. Because despite the fact that this money-grubbing, Like jacking malware has been around for years stealing both private and government data, cybersecurity experts are still stumped about how to stop it.

Facebook May Boost Self Esteem But Reduce Motivation

New research published in Media Psychology suggests that looking at your Facebook profile can be psychologically good and bad for you. The finding revealed that checking your profile is capable of boosting your self esteem while at the same time reducing motivation.

Facebook App Blamed for Bad iPhone Battery Life

The discovery, made by, points to the Facebook application as a source for battery drain on the iPhone and iPad. The problem with the Facebook application is explained (...)