Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is Facebook killing your smartphone battery?

Every so often, crazy rumors about alleged Facebook's nefarious deeds
surface -- Facebook is selling your data, Facebook is taking away your
legal rights, Facebook use is bad for your spleen, etc.

The latest one to gain some traction is that the mobile Facebook app
is killing your smartphone battery.

This one might actually have some truth to it. (...)

That is a list of processes using the most CPU time. Or more easily said: that are the apps that have been running the longest time. The first four are system processes (SpringBoard is essentially the thing that shows your home screen and stuff), at the bottom there is the Facebook app. It is using twice as much time as DTMobileIS (that is the process that feeds Instruments with live data from the phone). That seemed a little much to me. I’m using Facebook quite often, but not like every minute of the day.