Monday, December 12, 2011

zuckerberg: privacy is over

A video of the infamous interview where Zuckerberg says "the age of privacy is over" - which is an implicit paraphrase, he never uses those words in this video. The interview was in January of 2010

He enters the room fairly smug. It's a joke of course, but it falls flat. NOTE: Zuckerberg says "350 million users", which gives you an idea of how long ago it was in Facebook time.

Not stating it in any direct manner they speak about privacy. And Zuckerberg says in an off handed way, "we decided this would be the social norms now - and we went for it."

He also states at one point they try to keep, "one engineer for every million users". Interesting.

Last question was, "Iphone or Nexus One?"

Response, "Blackberry".