Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who actually said "Privacy is dead"?

Thanks to Cindy for clearing this up for me.

This statement has been attributed to Mr. Zuckerberg, but that is not correct. I have reported as such also. Google seems to think it is this security clown named Steven Rambam (enjoy your 15-minutes buddy). And if you glaze over what one of the leading producers of herring says, you might think so.

So what is the actual statement?, who said it? Well, when this person said it, it cause a real kerfuffle. Ironically, the company this person represented was part of the Online Privacy Alliance.

He said
that consumer privacy issues are a "red herring." "You have zero privacy anyway," - "Get over it."

The person at the time was the CEO of Sun Mircosystems, Scott McNealy.

Here is the 1999 confirmation story. (MOVED HERE) (See below)


Added 2017-04-25 (April 25)
The link to confirm the quotation keeps moving or dying.
Here are some other that might help.